I am a designer/developer who turns business ideas into products & services


Picture of Conor Wade, the author of the site.

I’m a designer / developer who loves to travel. I have 9 years experience mostly in the start-up world. I have co-founded the market leading Golf Club management platform (Chronogolf) in Canada. Down through the years I have written software in Ruby, JS, and Coffeescript. In the last few years, I have begun to explore the world of functional programming. Namely, Clojure(script), and more recently Elixir and Elm, whilst trying to bring some of those techniques back to JS, with the help of React, and tools such ImmutableJS, and Rambda.

I have had the good fortune to lead both design & technology on multiple occasions. Working at the intersection of design & technology has led me to value prototyping and the use of design sprints to get early feedback from users. I believe strongly in the use of design systems in order to implement a consistent and coherent experience across a product or brand.

For the last few years, I have been working with the fantastic team at Makewell, a full-service design agency based out of Brooklyn, New York.

A few years ago my wife, and I started to travel the world as Digital Nomads. During that time we have had the chance to explore some of the most amazing parts of the world. All the while experiencing other culture's and learning some of the intricacies that prevail in other culture's and my own. I have included a map showing where we are now, and where we have been.